• Launch our V2 website

    We have a vision of a more interactive website. This will take the Solanoid experience to a whole new level.

  • Mononoids raffle

    We will giveaway the Mononoid to the Solanoid holders in a raffle event. Remember only 10 of those exist!!

  • Create the Solanoids treasury

    This will fund the community´s future giveways and investements. We will deposit 300 Sol in it and 50% of all resales will go directly to it.

  • Launch the Solanoids NFT vault

    We will purchase high quality Solana NFT´s as an investment for the community. We will also run art competitions and purchase the winning ones to add to our vault. Whatever happens with the vault is 100% voted by the community.

  • Airdropping Blue Chips

    Those chips will allow the holders to tweak their Solanoids and create a new more personal variation of it (more details will be shared later)

  • Grow by the community

    Suggest, vote and execute!!